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Picking out things over fashion week AW 2016

Most days I spend a couple of hours scrolling down my social network feeds clicking on likes and linking up to the stories that fascinate me, obsess me and that are just amusing. I fill my brain with stuff, so much stuff I never knew existed, loads of stuff I do know, some I don't or have forgotten about and the tales of people's lives and my own in a never ending trawl of notes in the form of imagery, film and word. I heart the things that grab my attention on a whim, I leave short amusing comments and sometimes impart a modicum of information or view point. I just do what everybody else does and while the hours away looking and posting. I do go out into the real world and if the mood takes me, whipping out my phone and recording the moment. I’m always obsessed with style and fashion, the people who make it, the people who wear it and the people who write about it. 

London Fashion week is where I'm at and this season I helped out at Sibling with some big hand knits, it's sort of like a bit of therapy nipping up their East London studio and knitting away. I went to see Ryan Lo who I adore, Claire Barrow's art installation at the ICA. Popped by Peter Jensen who also did an presentation at the ICA. I took my place at Holly Fulton, Ashley Williams and Gareth Pugh... And of course Fashion East with newcomer Mimi Wade. I basically just go to my friends shows though. Either I'm in the supporting role or iD mag ask me to write a short review, which I love doing. I'm the sort who likes things on the basis of ‘would I wear it?’, yes that old chestnut, I just can't help myself, I pick out things I want and sometimes pick out things for friends, then I take a picture for reference or to post. 

Sibling... Yeah I knitted those humongous cowls.

Part of Claire Barrows vitrine installation at the ICA

Mimi Wade at Fashion East

Last month I learned a sector of the fashion world are saying that something has to give on the fashion calendar, seasonal showing dates and whatnot. I'm wondering if it will change? What do you think? Also I'm seeing the continuation of clothes for shows speeding down the catwalks… BIG showstoppers designed to wow us. Who wears these creations in real life? I know a few that would, but really we all know that designers like to throw a few bits of imaginative pieces in to up the anti and grab some choice moments on our news feeds as well as column inches and well keep us interested in the craft of dressing I love to pursue… And maybe you do too.

Com Des Garçon pile it on.

In London we talk endlessly about ‘street style’ but what is that nowadays? I'll leave you to ponder that one. In Milan there's a sense of business to fashion with an innate Italian chicness to consider, even when it's slightly wacky. In Paris it's all about the certain craft of cut and adornment at its core. New York considers the big sell but everywhere has taken to conceptualism to fashion highs. 

In the space of mere seasons Vetements is where our attentions lie right now what with the Balmain post of designer Vetements collective. What did you think of the drag coming down the catwalk? I have to say I was rather taken with some it and amused with other pieces of rather frumpy looking ensembles. Think they might have overlooked the diversity card though, there's a lot of chit chat online about the casting.

I saw a lot of things I wanted this a/w 2016 season I wanted I must say. I also thought some things were, dare I say it, designed with me in mind. I’ve been known to feature on a mood board or two, I’m not just making that up, I've actually seen it! This Gucci fella Alassandro do dah, bet I'm on his, I don't know him but every collection I've seen has a touch of the PJ’s to it. Where's my drag? What about Marc Jacobs, Margiela and Mui Mui, yeah I must be on their mood boards as well. I'm expecting a few care packages then!

    A bit of Margiela for you.

Oh we're most taken with the old (Yves) St. Laurent this season in my camp circles! Just look at what designer Hedi Slimaine has been rummaging around in… None other than the bottom drawer of an 80s disco fan and the drag queens of Shoreditch. Girl's are a bit on thin side but that's Hedi innit, he likes a very slender model and this lot looked stunning as they wobbled around.

   Campness over at Hedi Slimaine's St. Laurent drag box

Finally the king of fashion who's longevity never ceases to amaze me, good old Karl (Lagerfield), a mesmerising character, who saw Suzy Menkes having a dance with him on Instagram? Aside from that he's still got all the enthusiasm for his craft after decades of fashioneering, for that I salute you! 

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